Afterlight Fitness and Educational Consulting

Shine on . . . 


Co-owned by Jen's brother, Jason, Old Soul Coffee seeks to create a great experience with each cup.  Coffee originating from several places around the world graces their menus and is available for both wholesale and individual sale.  Worth checking out! 

Zach's music inspired the name of the company, and his music has played a significant role in Jen and Mic's life.  A fountain of positivity, Zach blends folk sounds with pop and throws in a unique "cover" from time to time.  Much of his music is also available for download.   

The Autism Society of Greater Akron provides numerous links and resources for individuals and families affected by autism.  Events such as the Akron Autism 5k seek to raise awareness and provide support.   

A program designed by Louise Goldberg, Creative Relaxation promotes a yoga accessible to all children and focuses special attention to those with special needs including autism, ADHD, and sensory processing disorders.  

Founded by Lisa Flynn in Dover, New Hampshire, ChildLight Yoga promotes yoga and mindfulness to children, families, and professionals working with those children and families.  ChildLight focuses on providing children strategies to effectively manage stress in the world.    

A subsidiary of ChildLight Yoga, Yoga 4 Classrooms is a classroom-based yoga program that aids children in developing strategies to manage daily stress and conflict in their learning environments.  Designed by Lisa Flynn, Yoga 4 Classrooms is an excellent way to improve the educational environment of any classroom.  

All-Star Training Club offers integrated sports programs for individuals of all abilities.  Team and individual sport programs are available.  

UDS provides vocational, social, community living, low-vision, and transportation services for individuals with special needs.   

Seeking to enhance the quality of life through education, conservation, and protection of natural resources, the Medina County Parks provide excellent opportunities to residents of and visitors to Medina County.  Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Park is striving to provide an adapted playground suited to individuals with special needs.